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In the news, the search for survivors after an earthquake in Turkey continues, and is Chelsea starting to build up some good momentum?

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New apartments and business buildings being erected in the centre of Egham by Runnymede Borough Council will be named after prominent historic locations in the town. Three blocks of housing are currently being constructed at the junction of Station Road North and High Street. They will also contain a cinema and shops. Once completed they will be named Corn Merchant House, Gem House and Holloway View. The block to be named Corn Merchant House will occupy a site associated from the 1850s to early 1960s with corn merchants. When the railway came to Egham, a connecting track was laid to the buildings behind, running adjacent to Station Road. The name will reference the historical 19th-20th century use of the site. The south and west facing rooms in the block to be called Holloway View will have clear views of Royal Holloway, University of London. Naming the block in this way acknowledges this view and references the 19th century establishment of what was then Royal Holloway College. The block which will house the new Everyman cinema will be called Gem House. Egham’s first cinema, the Gem Electric Theatre, opened in 1910, close to the western end of the High Street near the Station Road junction. It was owned by a prosperous Egham jeweler and diamond cutter. The name reflects early 20th century entertainment in Egham.

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